West Houston Missions

Dear Missionaries,

I pray that you, your family and loved ones are very well. As you know, missions have been postponed due to the particular circumstances we are living worldwide, unfortunately we still don’t know when we are going to be able to serve the most needed in the centers in Houston, for that reason, we are canceling the schedule and logistic that we always use during Holly Week. However, this does not mean that we cannot do missions, we will offer missions online activities like live mass, live rosary, live station of the cross etc. You will find more information below. I invite you to please follow us in our Instagram account @rcwhmissions where we will be postings all the activities and links.

We also are still helping all the centers where we had planned to work this Holy week, they have very urgent needs and only with your help we will make possible to meet these needs. These community shelters include Mission of Yahweh, Krause House, Santa Maria, Loaves and Fishes among others in where we attend more than 400 kids and babies and more than 500 hundred adult residents.
If you were already registered, I want to ask for your permission to use your registration fee as a donation, so we can provide at least some of the urgent needs for the centers, like child and adult diapers, personal care items and food. We are counting on your most generous support to give them a hand in this difficult moments. Furthermore, we can provide a letter that will make all your donations tax exempt. If you cannot collaborate and you need the registration fee back to you, we will do a reimbursement of your registration. Please let us know as soon as possible if we have your permission to use your registration like a donation or if you prefer a reimbursement, contact us by text message at 281-202-4521 or by email to west.missions@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance for your support to this beautiful Mercy Mission,

God bless you,
Conchita Perez de la Sierra
Regnum Christi Mission West Houston  Director


Family Missions West Houston Holy Week Program




How can you help the centers?

Sending Digital Letters:

Send messages of hope and encouragement (Word or PDF) to the residents of Krause House, Galleria Residence and Santa Maria/Casa Bonita. Start the letter identifying it with the name of the center and be generic in the salutation, for example “Dear friend”. Send your letters by email from Monday April 6th to Sunday April 12th by email to the Center’s mission coordinator.

Krause House: A Children’s Center for girls ages 12-17 who find there a safe place to heal after experiencing severe abuse or neglect. If you want to write a letter to the Krause House residents, send it to Ana Campoy: anacampoy.healthcoach@gmail.com

Galleria Residence: Nursing facility for abandoned seniors. If you want to write a letter to the Galleria Residence residents, send it to Nurmy Ospino: andresnu5@yahoo.com

Santa Maria / Casa Bonita: provides critical and life changing services for lowincome, indigent women and their children. There are around 200 children (1-12 years old) and 50 babies (under 12 months of age) living in the center. If you want to write a letter to them send it to Mayda Salgado: msalgado@santamariahostel.com



We are working hard to help all the centers we had planned to serve during Holy Week: Casa San Juan Diego, Mission of Yahweh, Krause Children’s Center, Loaves and Fishes, Galleria Residence and Rehabilitation Center, Park Youth Ranch, Santa Maria Hostel and a Group of immigrant families in need that contacted us. Only with your help we can make possible to meet their needs.

Due to the measures to prevent the COVID-19, donations will be accepted in the following order of priority:

1. For monetary donations click here, the money will be aimed at supplying urgent needs such as food for residents and staff who are living all together in the centers in quarantine.

2. New products: these donations can be done using our Amazon wish list, click here to donate new products  

3. Used products: please keep used products in your house until further notice since we are not be able to pick up, store or deliver used products at this time by security reasons.


Online Formation

We are also creating Online Training Formation Programs for some of the centers, if you want to help us to materialize this beautiful initiative, please write to west.missions@yahoo.com



Don't hesitate in contact us:

Conchita Perez de la Sierra (281) 202-45-21

Ana Isela Campoy (281) 793-7471

Adriana Meignen (713) 280-8505


Intagram: @rcwhmissions