Texans Visit Sacred Heart Apostolic School

On Sunday, March 9th, 30+ boys, dads and Legionaries, from Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, departed for a trip to visit the Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Rolling Prairie, IN. 

After 18 hours of travel, the group arrived around lunchtime on Monday, March 10th. The boys didn’t waste any time before they began enjoying the snow; snowball fights, sledding and even a frozen wave on Lake Michigan! The following day, the boys and dads enjoyed a visit to the Studebaker museum and an impromptu game of touch football at a nearby park. Lunch, recreation and “Meet the Apostolics” rounded out the rest of the day.

Overnight snowfall spoiled plans to visit Chicago on Wednesday, so the visitors improvised and enjoyed a bonfire, recreation, board games and even housework with the apostolic students. The following day began with shoveling sidewalks, preparing a breakfast (beignets) with the apostolics, a visit to Notre Dame and a marathon ice hockey game.

One of the highlights of the visit was the Q & A session, during which the visitors asked the apostolic students questions about apostolic life. The visitors’ questions ranged from broad, to very specific, and illustrated the boys’ great desire to learn more about what it means to be an apostolic Legionary. The trip wrapped up with a visit to Chicago, and then the long trek home.

All in all, the boys were impressed with the apostolic school. In particular, they were struck by the virtue they saw displayed by the apostolic students. At least half of the boys who visited the school have expressed a sincere interest in attending the summer program.