"Peace be with you. As the Father has sent Me, so I send you." John 20:21

For Men

Regnum Christi is a call from God to live and help others live a Christ-centered life in a self-centered world. It is a gift from the Church to help us live our lifes mission to the full. It is a concrete way to respond to the Popes urgent call for a new evangelization of the world.

We are an international movement of Catholics with 70,000 members in 45 countries, both lay and clergy, living out the Regnum Christi vocation to be modern-day missionaries. Like the first Christians, we endeavor to bring others to Christ and his Church.

The Men of the Houston Section build teams of mission-centered Catholics who seek effective ways to love Christ, serve others, and build the Church.   Some of the means we use to spread Christ's Kingdom can be explored by visiting the buttons at the right hand side of this page.
The Section Director for the Houston Regnum Christi Men is Fr. Jorge Lozano Martinez and Carlos Escorcia as Section Assistant and can be reached via email here.
The chaplains for Regnum Christi are:
Fr. Kenneth Leblanc, LC
Fr. Eamonn Shelly, LC
Fr. John Devlin, LC